What is Spark Works?
We strive to assemble resources, skills, and direct energy towards improving systems and spaces.
We intend to provide housing, workspace, and community gathering spaces.
We are focused on supporting community and engaging humans with a relentless focus on wellness and experience!
Who is this for?
We are like minded people focused on working together to improve the world around us.
Our members include entrepreneurs, craftsman, artists, developers, investors, and more.
What's going on at 1832? 
 We are working to redevelop the former furniture warehouse located at 1832 W. Superior St. Duluth, MN.
What's going on at Trinity?
We are working on preserving the history and character of this fantastic Gothic Revival style former church located at 2701 W. 3rd St. Duluth, MN
How can I help?
Get in touch with us if you have ideas of how you would like to engage with our projects or communities.
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